Farah Al Qasimi


Farah Al Qasimi (b. 1991, Abu Dhabi) is a photographer, video and performance artist based between Brooklyn and Dubai. Melding techniques from high art and popular culture, commercial and editorial photography, Al Qasimi’s work is critically engaged with the social impact of our contemporary image-based culture.

For her first solo exhibition in Australia, Al Qasimi presents photography and video from the past five years including some of her most well-known works. Central to Al Qasimi’s practice is her ability to frame the mundane with explosive beauty, humorous indifference and transgressively awry social commentary. From this position, her hyper-colourised and hyper-reflective photographs draw us into the lives of friends and strangers, middle class youths, women and men, many of whom dwell amidst glittering shopping malls and lavish homes in America and the United Arab Emirates. In these kaleidoscopically stylised settings, Al Qasimi stages the ambiguity of locating grounded identities and attachments in a persistently mutable world.

Using a mix of visual elements with meticulous attention to detail – overflowing frames, fractured perspectives and precise lighting –Al Qasimi’s destabilising imagery creates intimate portraits of women which repurpose social media’s deification of youth culture to complicate the assumption of photography as a transparent reflection of the self and its desires. Against this, her work demonstrates how the entwining of the medium of photography with platforms of subjective creation occurs as a consequence of our present socio-technological condition and its related reconfiguration of public and private spheres.


  • Date

    04 Feb - 30 Jul 2023


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Farah Al Qasimi