Pat Pataranutaporn

B.1995,Bangkok,Works in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Pat Pataranutaporn is a technologist and researcher exploring the intersection of synthetic virtual humans and synthetic biology, specifically at the interface between biological and digital systems. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Fluid Interfaces research group at MIT Media Lab, where works with his collaborators at MIT Media Lab, NASA, NTT Data, IBM, and Harvard to examine the future of human-computer integration.

Pataranutaporn is a graduate student of MIT Media Lab,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Pataranutaporn’s research has been published in Nature; IEEE; ACM SIGCHI; ACM SIGGRAPH; ACM ISWC; ACM Augmented Humans; and Royal Society of Chemistry. He also serves as reviewer and editor for IEEE and ACM publications. His artistic projects have been exhibited internationally including at the National Museum of Singapore (2018); Essex Peabody Museum, Salem (2018); Transmediale Festival, Berlin (2018); National Taiwan Science Education Center, Taipei (2017); i.d.e.a. Museum, Mesa (2016); and Autodesk Gallery, San Francisco (2016).