Levent Aygül

B.1976,Istanbul,Works in Istanbul

Levent Aygül’s loosely focused, unornamented paintings build upon singular moments of daily life to tell beguiling stories which reveal to us the sensory qualities of objects and environments, and question how people attribute meaning to the ordinary. His practice displays an intuitive understanding of the visual properties of painting and a fresh approach to landscape painting and abstraction. Working gradually and delicately with multiple layers of paint to build colour, depth and form, Aygül adroitly negotiates the medium to create indistinct images on the surface of the canvas. In doing so, he spreads the viewer’s gaze to the whole composition rather than fixing the gaze to a certain point. In his paintings, colour is not presented in hierarchy against contrasting forms. Tonal values are very close to each other, resulting in diffuse images that offer the viewer a rich space for contemplation and interpretation.

Aygül graduated with an MA from Mimar Sinan Fine Art University, Istanbul, in 2007. He has exhibited at many prominent and highly significant Turkish galleries including Mesher, 2022; Kasa Galeri, 2022; Ferda Art Platform, 2022, Barın Han, 2022; Gallery 5, 2018; Bant Mag, 2016; 24th Tuyap International Istanbul Art Fair; and Galerist, 2007.